Know what to read before you read.

Get Summary before you read it.

Online content summarized. Avoid Distraction. Enjoy new space in your life.

Get Information summary before you spend time on reading. Keep calm.

  • Oli - our artificially intelligent cat - reads, analyzes, and summarizes whatever online content you want before you go to read.

  • Delivers summary - you decide what you will read.

  • Simple as that.

Less Distraction
Oli at your hand

A personal summarizing assistant, right at your hand.

  • Always on mail

    Send to Oli what you want to summarize, he delivers. Read more ..

  • Schedulable

    Let him know what, when, how often you want to summarize, he delivers it to your Inbox with charm. Read more ..

  • Api

    Love to code as we do? Request summaries programmatically via REST Api. Read more ..


words read

That’s how many words I read in past 7 days.

Sounds crazy I know; maybe if you imagine 62.791 manuscript pages it can help. Or better, try imagine approximately 251 books, that’s what I read in last 7 days.


minutes saved

That’s how much time I saved in past 7 days.

In total, I saved 60 days 13 hours 29 minutes time to my customers, that they would otherwise spend on reading.


minutes daily

Saved for every customer, on average.

Try image what you can do with such a amount of time?

Distracted by online information?

Distraction is attentional thief and so you should look out to keep the thief out, by erecting barriers from being distracted.

Push the button

Give him a shot!

Wanna know how good Oli is in summarization? Simple try it below. Enter website link, or drop a document (ms word, plain text, pdf, rich text, or even html), or paste a text; and see if he can walk the walk.