How to read Summary Result?

11. Jan 2018

We have designed Oli to give you the best short summary, informative enough to allow you to decide on relevance of given text. The question is how to read the summary so as to maximize its usefulness.

Let’s assume our “Avoid being Distraction” article as an example:

Summary First

The biggest, text in yellow, summary represents the most focused point of the given article. In many cases, this is the only thing to read. It works perfectly when the given article has single punchline, single result, single idea.

But not every text is conceived like that. Try to imagine different scenario. When the given article is, for example, a questioning article. An article pointing out few questions to think about. Where there are many punchlines. In such a case, the Summary could not be enough to decide on relevance. As the Summary is single most focused point “only”.

Highlights Seconds

For such a case Oli delivers Highlights, the sentences you see just below Summary. Highlights are extracted key ideas of whole given article. They are ordered by their weight (strength) in relation to the whole document. Reading them gives you more outlook of the article.

Like in our example:

  • By the Summary we see it’s about “Distraction cost makes you less happy and ..”
  • Going quickly through Highlights we realize it’s also about:
    • Internet addiction
    • Distraction is damaging
    • Switching cost

Last, but not least, Keywords

Keywords, the list of words with their respective importance on the right (bottom on mobile devices), may or may not be significant in overall summarization and relevance for you.

Please, pay attention to the bar next to the keyword. Especially the degree of difference between keywords. The bar shows level of importance of the keyword across whole given article. As in the example of our article, we can clearly see (at the first sight), the keyword distraction is twice as much important as keywords attention and cost. And so on. Reading just few words tells us what the given article is all about.

A note about websites

More or less, these days, in term of text, websites are designed to put stress on search engine (yes, we talk about google) relevance. Not on the information itself. Regardless to it, Oli’s engine is designed to find what really the punchline is.

But many cases summarizing websites may result mostly in Keywords. Never mind. It tells you enough anyway. Like with with this example of our beloved restaurant in fairytale looks like town Prague, Atelier Restaurant.

Somehow it’s logical that most relevant Keyword is atelier, as it’s a name of the restaurant. But more interestingly, seeing importance of each keywords, we quickly recognise it’s all about wine. Honestly, from our own experience, it’s more than truth. 🤭

Last week Oli saved 24 minutes every day to every of our customers. It is 15.697.760 words of reading in total.