How to use Oli bot to get summarized content by email?

11. Jan 2018

You know the situation, you are sitting in a train, or a bus, or a cab; browsing Twitter; and suddenly an interesting article catches your eye. It could be worth to read you think! You click, little bit of loading, and couple of pages appears.

What now?

Probably, you are not in a calm and steady mood to read the text with all the attention it deserves.

You scroll down, scan the text, loose attention, waste few seconds of your life; and .. nothing at all (except some clickbait hit).

Or there is another scenario. You save the link into your notes to read it later. Sounds useful. Honestly, how many times you really read such a “Read later” notes? Me, almost never.

So, how to deal with that interesting text using Oli summarizing bot?

Simply send that link or the text to Oli ([email protected] or [email protected], whatever you like more). In just a moment you will get Highlights, Keywords, and Summary back in your Mailbox. Later on, when you are in the mood of reading, you can decide based on Oli’s summarization if you will read the text or not.

Simple as that.

What exactly can I send to Oli bot by email?

  • If you want to summarize web page, send him a link (url) in the body or in subject of the email.
  • If you want to summarize document you have, send it to him as an attachment.

Simple as that. We love simple living.

Want to know more?

To read more about documents Oli supports (reads and summarizes) or what is the best format for Oli to get summarized, read these Topics:

Last week Oli saved 24 minutes every day to every of our customers. It is 15.697.760 words of reading in total.