How to setup Oli to scrape web pages and deliver at scheduled time?

11. Jan 2018

Anything, that you usually paying attention to, regarding what you read, can be now much much easier. Simply set up your Oli and he will summarize all the material for you and send it to your inbox at any requested time.

Let’s say, for example, you love football. Wants to know all about it on global scale same as about your favourite club. Of course, there much more going on on the global scale than on your local scene, but not as much as you would want to spend your time reading all about it.

And again, let’s say, you follow football news on one web page every other day and your local team on another once a week. Everything that happened in a week you would like to find read about in your free time, Sunday afternoon for example.

No problem. Simply set up your Oli exactly like that and Job Done 👌🏻

Here is an example:

In the top menu (or drop down under your name) select Schedule and set up your first Scheduler.

You can or don’t have to, name your Scheduler. If you decide to do so, all your sent summaries will appear under your chosen name. And set when you want Oli to deliver the summary. As in the example above, Sunday 14:00.

If, while setting up your account, you set up also your Timezone, your summaries will be sent to you in your timezone. If you didn’t set it up, Oli will send the summaries in UTC of your chosen hour. You can set up your Timezone anytime in your profile options.

So, we set up when we want it, now let’s set up what we want. As you can see from the screenshot above, we set up Oli to read Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday a 14:00 (in your own desired time/set up in Timezone).

What does it all mean? Oli will, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, scrape, make a summary, will save it and on Sunday at 4pm will deliver it to your inbox.

Pretty cool isn’t it? 😺

We almost forgot about your favorite local club. Usually, small clubs don’t update their web pages as often as globals, so it would be just fine for Oli to scrape it right before he will be about to send you the scheduled summary, let’s say on Sunday lunchtime. Here is an example:

And that’s all. Simply just close your browser and start to enjoy “more space for your life”. Your summary will be delivered to you by Oli on Sunday at 14:00.

It might seem a bit complicated at first, but as soon as you find your way around, you will realise, that Oli will do exactly what you will want from him.

Good to know

Oli reads, or “scrapes” only by you given web page. So if there is no activity on, but the news are on its subpage, you need to type in the exact address of the subpage.

Oli doesn’t scrape the whole context of given web page. It would be ineffective, too large and as it matter too expensive. The final results will be almost the same anyway. It is like, for example, you would like the summary of the whole book, but only prologue would change. Summary would stay the same.

Oli´s summarizing abilities are not primary designed to read the news.. for that you have better way, for sure. His precedence lies in reading huge amount of content and sum up the important info. It allows you instantly to decide if it is worth to spend more time on particular article or not. Keep that, please, in mind.

For better understanding, we’ve dedicated whole article to this matter. Read How to feed Oli to get best results.

Last week Oli saved 24 minutes every day to every of our customers. It is 15.697.760 words of reading in total.